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Terms and Conditions




Bridge Tours - Park Turizm Otelcilik Seyahat İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd Şti, hereinafter Bridge Tourism, founded in 1996, is a Turkish Travel Agency (DMC) located Atatürk Mahallesi Özer Türk Caddesi No 28/C, 09460 Güzelçamlı, Kuşadası in Turkey, member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies #3365-A).

Bridge Tourism is the owner of the website www.bridgetours.net which is provided to inform and advertise their services as flight booking, hotel booking, car hire, excursions, package tours and transfer service for their guests to book online.

In order to help at the best its customers, Bridge Tourism is proposing in this website a non-exhaustive list of services, in Turkey and all over the World, performed by third parties and kindly ask its customers, as a matter of facility and clarity, to use the specially prepared reservation forms for each service.





Bridge Tourism responsibilities start at the moment that both parties, Bridge Tourism and the customer, have agreed upon the proposed services and prices and payments has been made by customer.

Bridge Tourism responsibilities will be different depending the nature of the service. These responsibilities are being described in detail under the "Frequent Asked Questions" of the concerned service :


-Hotel Bookings

-Car Hire

-Transfer Service

-Excursions / Tour Packages

-Flight Bookings

-Ferry Bookings





In the event you book a single service via Bridge Tourism, prices will be quoted as per below - again depending on the nature of the service :

Hotels :
- Per room per night, mainly on "Bed & Breakfast" basis unless otherwise stated
Rental Cars :
- Per day, all requested extras (such as navigation, baby seat...) and - if applicable - the one-way drop-off charged included 

- Ferry and Airfares :
Per passenger per leg
- Transfers :
Per vehicle per leg

Further, where applicable, children reductions will be calculated depending the age of the child and for hotel rooms depending on the number of full paying adults with whom the child will share the room.

On the other hand, if the services booked are considered as a package, all services will be quoted together under one single total price and will not be itemized.





When Bridge Tourism will receive all the necessary information, the duly signed sales agreement and payment by the customer, Bridge Tourism will make all necessary reservations.

Information needed for making thorough reservations : 

1. Due to local tourism legislations, for each passenger Bridge Tourism will need the full first name, family name, date of birth, citizenship and passport number.
2. Some ferry and air companies may require an identification (ie, copy of passport or student card) for children/youth enjoying some reductions.  It will be the responsibility of the customer to address these to Bridge Tourism otherwise the concerned ferry / air company may decline the reduction in which case Bridge Tourism will not accept responsibility.
3. In the event the customer has booked any services via another agency (or online) and that this information is needed for Bridge Tourism to book the connecting services, the customer will give all necessary details to Bridge Tourism (details will be asked in due time).

Upon receipt of ALL confirmations, the customer will receive a voucher or e-ticket for eachservice with all necessary details for a smooth going of the program.

Bridge Tourism kindly ask its customers to give all means of contacts during their itinerary in case Bridge Tourism needs to inform them about possible program changes (cf. "Force Majeure")

We kindly inform you that Bridge Tourism will not be held responsible nor obliged to interfere in case of mishaps with services which have not been booked via Bridge Tourism.

Bridge Tourism, herewtih, certify that any private information of its customers will only and solely  be used for the purpose of reservations if and when needed.





Amendments by Customer :
These are acceptable up to seven days between October and May and forteen days between June and September before the originally planned arrival date.
Beyond these deadlines, Bridge Tourism will have the freedom to charge an extra service fee of 10% of the total amount of the service(s). 
In the event that - due to date changes - some third parties apply "no-show" or "amendment" fees, these will also be reflected to the customer.

Cancellations by Customer :
These should be advised in written to Bridge Tourism up to forteen days between October and May and thirty days between June and September before the originally planned arrival date.
Beyond these deadlines, the following amount(s) will be withdrawn from the total agreed price before refund :
- Bridge Tourism will withhold 20% of the total due amount as a service fee;
- The cancellation fees accounted by third parties

Amendments and Cancellations by Bridge Tourism :
The possibility exists that Bridge Tourism - due to circumstances beyond their will and control (cf. "Force Majeure") - may have to amend/cancel some services.  Among these :
- The agreed hotel is fully booked ;
- Flight and/or ferry schedules are being amended;
- Any other service is not available...
It will then be the duty of Bridge Tourism to look for alternatives at the best of the interest of the customer and to inform the customer accordingly (together with possible price decreases/increases which will be reflected to the customer's balance).
It will be the duty of the customer to notify his agreement/disagreement in written.

Yet, if the customer does not agree with the proposed changes and wishes to cancel his reservations(s) partly or fully, the equivalent of the cancelled service(s) will be refunded in as far as the concerned third party(ies) will agree to refund.





Are considered as "Force Majeure" all events beyond the control of Bridge Tourism and the concerned party that may prevent the realization of the services such as natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, epidemics), war, union actions as all what may result of these.

Furthermore any of technical defects for any of air-sea-land transporation, decisions by airport or port authorities, strikes, lock-out or any other human activity which may interfere in the smooth going of a program will also be considered as beyond the control of Bridge Tourism or the concerned third party thus also as "Force Majeure".

In case of "Force Majeure" Bridge Tourism and the concerned third party(ies) will not be held responsible but will be in the obligation to advise their customers, if at all possible, as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone. Bridge Tourism will also do whatever is in their power to assist their customers, assure their safety and if necessary try and organize their return to their home country upon agreement of the Consulate of the customer's country.

Should a customer, due to a "Force Majeure", have to interrupt services booked via Bridge Tourism, Bridge Tourism cannot be held responsible for it nor be asked compensations.  Though Bridge Tourism will reimburse that part of the service(s) which has not been realized solely upon acceptance of the concerned third party(ies).





Complaints will be addressed to Bridge Tourism by phone during the event and then in written. If the source of a complaint is a hotel, the complaint should be introduced as soon as possible so that Bridge Tourism can solve the issue during the stay of the customer.
In any case, a complaint introduced after the return of the customer to his home country will not be taken into consideration.

Bridge Tourism cannot be held responsible for the faults committed by third parties such as hotels, bus companies, guides, restaurants, ferries, renta-a-car or yachting companies nor air carries.

Yet Bridge Tourism will do all what is in their power to solve the source of the complaint if they have been advised in due time.





Payment deadline is one month prior  the service will start or, in the event reservation has been made less than one month in advance, immediately upon agreement.

For some services though, concerned third party(ies) may request a guarantee deposit or an early payment.  In such a case, customer will be informed accordingly and payment requested in due time.




Three means of payment are at disposal of customer :

1. By Credit Card :
Together with the sales agreement, customers will receive a mail order form to be duly filled in, signed and returned to Bridge Tourism together with the signed sales agreement.
Credit cards will be charged in Turkish Lira at the official rate on the day the transaction will be made.
No extra charges will occur with payments by credit card unless the customer wishes to use American Express card.  Diners Card will in no way be accepted.

2. By Bank Transfer :
If this is the customer's payment preference, Bridge Tourism will give in due time all the necessary information about their bank accounts.
Yet, Bridge Tourism inform its customers that any bank charges (at the source and/in  Turkey) will be added to the customer's due balance.
The customer will in this case send Bridge Tourism a copy of the transaction statement so that Bridge Tourism can follow up with their bank.

Important Notice :
As Bridge Tourism - or any travel agency in Turkey - is obliged by law to edit an invoice for each customer, Bridge Tourism kindly asks its customer to duly fill in the address box on the mail order form or to communicate his address by e-mail.

Bridge Tourism, herewtih, certify that the addresses or any other private information of its customer will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever than invoicing.





Bridge Tourism, herewith, confirm that all the personal information given by its customers will be used only and solely for the purpose of the service(s) to be booked by Bridge Tourism and its partners.  This information will not be communicated to any other third parties.





In case of disagreement between Bridge Tourism and its customers, the matter will be submitted to the Court of Justice of Kusadasi who has the sole power to conclude.  Whatever conclusion will be taken by the Court of Justice of Kusadasi, this will be the only one that will be taken into consideration.