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About Us


"CruiseEphesus.com.com" is an Bridge Tours company. "CruiseEphesus.com" by Bridge Tours will give opportunity to explore Ephesus and around.




Bridge Tourism and Travel Agency, founded in 1996, is an establishment of Park Turizm Otelcilik Seyahat İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd Şti. Bridge Tourism supplies “ Trust and Quality at a Fair Price ” with well experienced and educated team of staffs.

Bridge Tourism and Travel Agency is an "A"  Class Travel Agency and a member of TURSAB (Assocation of Turkish Travel Agencies ) by the Licence number 3365.

All kind of  “ incoming ”, “ outgoing ”, “ ingoing ” and  “ out to outgoing ” services is being controlled by the Quality control Circle Team of Bridge Tourism and Travel Agency to increase guests satisfactions.

Bridge Tourism and Travel Agency sells All Flight Tickets,   Ferry  Tickets between Greece and Greek Islands. On the other hand Bridge Tourism has Cruise Packages.

Bridge Tourism and Travel Agency has services for hotel bookings, rentals (villa/vacation rentals, rent a car, rent a caravan, home exchange), tour packages, events and organizations.



Bridge Tourism and Travel Agency has principle of work that has seen human to improve as a resource. Bridge Tourism will be happy to see new, reliable members in its Staff Team.

Bridge Tourism gives career chance to its staffs with dynamic and answerable structure for innovations. Bridge Tourism gives the value to any staff that he/she has to have by Performance Scales and Career Plans.

So what are you thinking about ? Our Human Resources Department is  nearby you. Send your CV by e-mail to us.



Bridge Tourism and Travel Agency  searches customer satisfaction with Critical Control Points that is belonging with  expectations and needs of guests.