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Ephesus Cuisine



Ephesus Cuisine

What is special in my town Ephesus ?

Do you know what we eat, what we do in Ephesus ?

Traditionally and in daily life ?

We are as Ephesians has many kind of foods made by olive oil. We like natural and organic foods. We have all kind of salads which has olive oil and lemon inside. It tastes fantastic.

Ephesians are really healthy and they has long term life. Because olive oil is so healthy for the body. It is healthy for inside and healthy for skin and the outside of the body .

We know that if you want to live longer your life has to be so simple. We are so relax.  We haven’t  got any stress … 

We have entertainments. We have enjoyable meetings together. We are singing a songs from Aegean times.

Also the wines of here is delicous. Don’t miss to try our home made wines  and do not forget to learn our traditonal songs and folkloric dances….

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Author: PoE Staff
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